Sunday, January 24, 2010

Purification Abounds

I have been experiencing quite alot of purification at the physical levels. Eye infection, tonsillitis...pain in the lower back. Usually after an intense retreat there is a cleansing that takes place at the soul, mind and body levels....that clears the 'space' and makes room for new wisdom and life changes. I think there is alot ahead for me as this has made it quite difficult to see and speak. Therefore..not alot of time on the computer and more time for internal chanting and reflection. This Yin very powerful. I feel very grateful because it has also afforded me the time to rest a little and prepare to plunge into my Divine Tasks. We have quite a few responsibilities as Worldwide Representatives and Channels for Master Sha...and these cannot be delayed. I will be teaching out of town this weekend coming as well and I need to prepare. I thank Divine for the opportunities this last week has given me and I can feel myself returning to physcial health and vitality as I speak. I am incredibly blessed to be part of this Mission...the growth experienced is overwhelming...the teachings from Master Sha...the love and support from the community is fantastic.

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