Monday, January 4, 2010

Layers of Learning

I have spent alot of the day studying some of Master Sha's books. I try to do this quite regularly but right now I am preparing some material for teaching so I am quite focused. It is quite likely that I have read and re-read most of these 'teachings' many, many times. What struck me today....yet the wealth of the material that he has put before us. It is 'rich' with wisdom, tools, practices, healing....I read a few pages and have to stop to do the practice. I am reminded of how powerful it all is. This is treasure after treasure.

My life has been changed in so many ways by this and continues to be. I think that each book in and for itself is to be cherished. Down the road I hope to 'plant' more of these seeds in peoples' hands and hearts. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you saw these books on every manager's desk instead of the traditional management books and resources. My experience is that in the corporate world people are just as open and in need of upliftment as everybody else.

Let's get the Power of Soul, Soul Communication...on the desks of our Corporate Executives...and leaders throughout this planet. Wouldn't that be something to cheer about!!!

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