Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010.....Another Step Forward

I am aware that the New Year is ahead of us...and I must say I have never been one to focus on the celebration aspect.....but the idea of starting something new and moving forward really excites me. Right now 2010 means the opportunity to bring the message of the Power of Soul to as many people as I can. That's my intention.

This past week I spent some time with business colleagues and friends all of whom I have known for many years. Successful people...each of them. Thoughtful, caring people...each of them. I feel a great kinship with them. One is about to launch a new Leadership Institute for Canada in affiliation with a major university and learning centre in the west....That's really amazing. This was a dream she has had for some time and she's found the way to make it happen. It is a dream that is coming true and one that will benefit this entire country. When I see things like this happening I am so optimistic about what's possible....for everyone.

I really want to see the business community open up to the possibilities of 'Soul Power'. Aligning heart and soul with business success is not an impossible dream. It is a natural evolution whose time has come. That is what excites me....We can be on the forefront of making that happen...guiding people there.

This is a calling from my soul to all souls......Business Success and Soul Power are the way of the future. Join me...Join Master Sha in this endeavour!

Now that is exciting!!!......Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Welcome to Winter..Endings and Beginnings

I am always surprised by the beginning of winter...first snow....the early arrival of darkness as daylight becomes scarcer and scarcer. This shouldn't surprise me after living in this climate for most of my life...but what does come as a new insight for me is that I actually look forward to it. The externals...are not always pleasant but internally I feel that it is the perfect time to reflect and to learn. There is far less stimulus to take me away from that process and I love to stay inside...of my house....and my consciousness.

As I look back on the year 2009 there is both sorrow and joy. My Dad passed this year, my dear Aunt, who was like a second mother, also made her transition as did my lovely cat who was with me for 18 years. I miss them all, but I know that they are fine....Their souls have moved on to the next step in their journey. It is truly a relief to be able to grieve and to rejoice in this knowledge. It is so freeing. I am grateful to know what I know and so blessed to be able to be 'more present' for every aspect of this life. Being human is a challenge but it is also an incredible opportunity.

This was also the year that I became Master Sha's Worldwide Representative and Divine Channel. That is truly amazing. I have always been driven to serve....more and more. Now I can do that in ways that I never dreamed of...all of the time. I am so blessed.

I also 'see' that everything in this life has brought me here to this time and these opportunities.

A year ago I was still a full-time member of the corporate world. I can't say that I miss it but I am incredibly grateful for the learning, the experiences, the skills, the people that I met.....and I absolutely know that all of that is serving me now and will be instrumental in serving the Mission. I believe that the future will see me bringing this wisdom, this healing....the Power of Soul...into the business community too.

I am committed to serving in any way that I can....I look forward to being of service to all souls.
Thank you Master Sha.

Happy Holidays!!!! to all