Thursday, February 4, 2010

Soul Songs are Healing Tools

I just returned from a short trip to Sudbury Ontario Canada. Quite a barren place when you look at it only from the physical...but very special in regard to its roots in the earth. A mining community...about 3 to 4 hours northwest of Toronto. I did a workshop and saw some folks for healing and consultation. I enjoyed it very much. The weather was cold and snowy but people's hearts were open and welcoming. I came away with a renewed appreciation for the Divine Soul Songs as I found myself constantly singing and a quiet 'yin' way.....throughout my time there. Even when I taught..I was doing this. When I slept I was doing this. Perhaps I have been for some time...but I only became conscious of it during this trip. How uplifting this is. How healing this is. I am still recovering from eye and throat singing is not always easy...but I can sing within...and it is even more powerful. The Divine Soul Songs are wonderfully effective healing tools. I always feel better..healthier....more uplifted...happier. Chant the Soul Songs....your own...Master Sha's....Go to the website and you can listen to the Daily Soul Song. Happy Chanting.

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