Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Realizations in Boulder

Hi...I am presently in Boulder Colorado attending a teacher's retreat with Master Sha and as always it is amazing. We are really focusing on Soul Song and Soul Dance. This is a healing mode that can be used with and for anyone, anywhere. Very powerful. So ..I had this vision one night of doing this in the Boardroom of an organization with executives. Everyone was dancing...moving their arms and swaying. They were chanting and we were asking the soul of the organization to join with us. This was part of a strategic planning, internal change process. Does this sound unreal? Well I think it is a vision of the future. The power of these 'modalities' is palpable. I think it is the wave of the future for everyone in the Soul Light Era. That is the age we are ushering in...the time when the soul will take precedence over everything. Sounds unlikely? Wait and see. Even better....join in and be part of the wave. As we said in the sixties....'the times they are a changing'. This is the next evolution/revolution. Envision it with me and let us help it to come into being.

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John J And said...

It would be great to have Master Sha's Body of work form the foundation of all businesses in the Soul Light Era.A way in which we could all evolve into putting Love & Light into the World instead of anger,especially when were challanged by what this world dishes up!This has come into my consciousness lately,when I found myself giving this advice to a friend.I then thought this would be a good practice to follow myself .
Love & Light