Sunday, March 14, 2010

So Many Blessings...My Soul Song is Really Changing

I have been so fortunate to be in Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha's presence the last few weeks. He is in Toronto for various events and I have accompanied him to many of them. It's interesting that even after 7 years as a student and teacher I still find myself in awe of him. The impact of just being around him is amazing. On a couple of occasions....I have left to go home after a workshop and I found myself 'lost' in locations that I know so well. This is my home town ..I drive these routes all of the time, yet I couldn't recognize anything. I was caught up in the energy...removed from the earth plane into the stratosphere of heavens realms and I wasn't able to touch down on the ground. Wow....I have to remember to really ground myself.

Well besides being 'out there' I have been so privileged to receive blessing after blessing. My Soul Song, in particular, has changed so much. It is clearer, purer....more expansive...more powerful. It is amazing. I was never a singer...Now I can honestly say I am a Divine Soul Song Singer. Amazing. I think the healing power that accompanies this is going to change everything. We will see the true Power of the Soul coming through. I am so blessed.

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