Friday, March 26, 2010

Events in Toronto

We have been incredibly fortunate here in Toronto to have our teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, with us for a full month. Four events ....Soul Song and Soul Dance Concert, Soul Song and Soul Dance Workshop, Soul Healing Week and Soul Song and Soul Dance Certification Retreat. That may sound strange to those who are not regular participants in Master Sha's programs...but suffice to say there is a new way of healing emerging that involves Singing and Dancing. These are natural and joyful ways to let our Soul work with Divine Treasures to really help transform ourselves and others. Finding and expressing my Soul's voice has been fantastic. Dancing and letting my Soul guide me has been fantastic. These events after another...have built the a crescendo here in Toronto. Every event is an opportunity to gain more abilities and to offer more service. I am floating in the clouds...most of the time. week...I will be back on the ground ...building my teaching and healing practice....We are also opening a Healing Center here in Toronto. Also is not the word. WE are so fortunate to be opening a Soul Healing Center here in Toronto. I want to do everything I can to make it successful. That will mean teaching more.....and at the same time expanding the student community here in the city and beyond. Challenges ahead but the Soul Song and Soul Dance are bringing so much light into my being...I feel very open to this and the possibilities. Thank you so much Master Sha.


Trev3396815 said...

Thank you Lynne, this is special story to offer people steps for their own life, regardless of their situation,place on Mother Earth or occupation.This is universal.Soul dance as you say is transforming with a frequency to release stuff for a lovely day or night. I hope your centre grows abundantly without delay. Love Love Love

Robert said...

Yes, I will be working with Lynne in the new center. I am so blessed. All those in the Greater Toronto Area come join us in the celebration of the opening of the new healing center. We are all so blessed to be given this sacred place to receive purification and blessings. Ty, Master Sha.