Friday, February 26, 2010

What is Money?

I have spent part of this past week considering 'money'. This was prompted by many e-mails and phone calls where the lack of this commodity...seemed to be at the top of everyone's list. I have heard for years about 'prosperity consciousness' ...'abundance consciousness'....etc. etc. These to me have always been examples of mind over matter practices. Convincing yourself...that if you think a certain way that this will make it manifest. My experience has been that this is more a matter of karma than about consciousness or mindset. We come into each lifetime with so much 'baggage' from our past lives that to ignore this fact would be to ignore what is probably one of the most powerful spiritual laws...a principal law of this universe and more. The Law of Karma. The abundance of or lack of money would be more in alignment with that law than with one's mindset...I believe. Moreover, I have also noticed that when a person dwells on this, they are missing the point of what is really 'true value'. Money does have value in this world...but virtue has more value in the soul world. As we are moving into the Soul Light Era, it is becoming clear that virtue and money will soon begin to exchange places in this world too. I am noticing this in my life. I am neither wealthy nor poor...but I have always been ok. Whenever I start to worry and concern myself with 'money'...I not only stress myself out completely, but I begin to see what I don't have instead of what I do have. I do have, everyday, lots and lots of opportunity to gain virtue. Invariably, again in my experience, this not only dissipates my fears, but very soon my money issues begin to dissipate too. It doesn't necessarily come pouring in but usually there is enough and that is all I really need. This is my experience...Also, I have observed in myself, how easily I can let myself walk down that path of worry and over concern. Believe me I know that there are people starving in this world..and I am fortunate not to be one of them. I also know how much karma is impacting their lives. I am lucky my karma is gone...thanks to Master Sha and Divine. I don't have that burden and it helps to lighten my concerns...Nevertheless there is always the potential to fall backwards and to burden myself with fear and concern...and money for most one of their greatest concerns. .....I am learning more and more about this all of the time....Next week I will continue....

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