Saturday, February 13, 2010

Soul Songs are Incredible

I have been focusing my attention all week on developing my Soul Song Channel. My voice is changing. By last night I had developed a vibrato...that wasn't there before. I have more confidence and my voice has more depth. It has all been so interesting. Why would I do this? Well one's soul song is the song of one's soul. Our soul wants to express wants to wants to share its wants to offer healing...and much more. The Soul Song is a higher frequency than our Soul Language...which is usually the first to come out. I find this whole process quite amazing. I am learning with all the students...even though my Soul Song has been out for some time and I have studied Soul Song Singing with Master there is much more wisdom around this. So I encourage everyone to do the same..I will continue next week to share my experiences. Chant and sing everyday...and you will witness your own evolution and the development of your Soul Power.

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