Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catching Up

April 16, 2008

It has been too long since I posted . For the last month I have been totally absorbed in a project from work that is also taking me to locations across the Province of Ontario, Canada. The organization I work for asked me to organize a series of 1 day sessions for all of the staff, approximately 1800 people, to launch a new Vision, Mission, Values and Corporate Strategy. When I was handed the task the two Vice Presidents who sponsored this said....we know this is really going to be a challenge but we want to do these starting in April...that was the first week in March. So I am now on the road having organized all of this and now being the host and overall facilitator for these events.

I have to say that without the foundation of Soul Wisdom that I have received from Master Sha I don't think I could have done this. Everyday I have been doing my lower dan tian practice, snow mountain keep up my energy and stay focused. Facilitating an event is one thing but also dealing with all of the logistics, the hotels, the room setups, the people, the travel arrangements etc. is alot. I recruited some excellent help from inside the company. People I know are reliable, hardworkers, well organized that executed the plan once I had laid it all out.

I was surprised at how clear everything was to me and how calm I was about it. When I was given the task I sat down and called on my own soul, Master Sha and Master Guo, the souls of all my shi fus and guides and Divine to assist me. Within minutes I saw the whole strategy and plan laid out before me. I put it all out on a flipchart with timelines, budget, and an outline of what a day session would look like. I presented this to the sponsors. I got the go ahead and then gathered three able assistants to help me make it happen.

The sessions, which started last week, have been a big success. I am so thankful to have the tools and the support that are at the heart of all we do in this Mission. Some afternoons, during these sessions, I have felt myself flagging. As soon as I could I found myself a corner in the ballroom, while the participants watched a film, and did my foundation practices. I chanted to myself, called on my Divine Treasures....and everything changed. People even commented at how much better I looked...apparently it was evident to some that I was really exhausted. It has been a great experience and there is more to come.

The other aspect of this is that I am a much better facilitator and presenter. I used to think I was pretty good but now there is the added element of 'flow'. When I get up to speak, as the host of the event in particular, I don't think about what I will just comes and it always feels right. I connect with the people in the room and the 'soul of the event' .....It is great.

The Business World is no different than any other 'world'. The best part of it for me is that it presents such great opportunities to connect with so many people. I can see their souls and I know how grateful they are for the recognition and the opportunity to communicate. I feel very, very blessed.


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Michael L. Gooch said...

I really enjoyed the way this article presents the case for spirituality in the business world. The connection between business success and business failure is obvious to those who want to scratch beneath the surface. In my new HR book, Wingtips with Spurs, the longest chapter in the book is devoted to the spirit and the successful career. It also covers the connectiveness of our actions and the important of spiritual wisdom.

If you find spiritual beliefs contrary to science, then spiritual beliefs are viewed as measly superstitions and fallacies. This popular view is simply wrong. Science and religion operate under vastly different parameters. In my management book, Wingtips with Spurs: Lessons From the Ranch, I devote an entire chapter in this ‘business’ book to the connection of business success and aiming for a higher calling. In spite all of the majesty and awe that the scientific world inspires, science is not designed to answer the questions that religion asks. Nor should we use religion to fill in the ‘God of the gaps.’ Religion should embrace science as it improves our ability to explain how God put things together. Indeed, elites of organized religions hate the efforts to seek a scientific context for the appreciation of spiritual phenomena. They seek to control humanity with doctrine and dogma. Science in its intellectual, methodical, peer-reviewed processes can deepen our wonder and amazement at the power of God. Instead of warring factions, the two sides should encourage each other. I saw a newspaper headline recently that read, “Darwin vs. God, Round 2007: Kansas Declares Darwin Winner.” This is wrong on many levels. Splashy headlines are one thing; gross irresponsibility is another. I cannot stress it enough. God and science are not at odds. They never have been. Francis S. Collins, the scientist who lead the Human Genome Project, stated it best when he said, “Science is not threatened by God; it is enhanced.”