Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back Again

June 11th, 2008

I was 'on the road' for the better part of May doing a series of presentations across the Province of Ontario home area. This was part of my work and everything went well. It was challenging being away from home so much, yet it was enjoyable. I find that I like the variance in location as it makes everyday seem so brand new and full of possibilities. That was one of our themes for these special workshops. It was called The Art of Possibility. We were focusing on presenting a new vision for the corporation and wanted to stress the positive nature of what is coming and everyone's part in making it happen. They were quite successful, but I was tired. I did alot of Lower Dan Tian and Snow Mountain practice everyday...keeping up my energy level so I could continue, as I was the main facilitator. I also focused on my Message Centre, keeping it open, flowing out instead of trying to 'present'. All the tools work, no matter what the setting.

After my work road trip I had the great privilege of joining Master Sha at two special workshops at Toronto Unity Church and Edmonton Unity Church. Both were excellent. Great response and again I was struck by the unswerving devotion and commitment of Master Sha to unconditional universal service for all humanity. He never stops giving. Having just come off the road myself...I knew how tiring it could be. He had been in Europe, Australia and many parts of North America, without a rest, and he kept going. Not only does he stay focused but he is enthusiastic and good humored. I was so impressed and inspired.

The people at these workshops received wonderful teachings and healings. They are somewhat intimate gatherings with a 100 or so people. This is quite special and everyone is able to make a personal connection with Master Sha through him signing a book or by receiving a download or karma cleansing.

During this time I was also the recipient of some new insights as my journey has continued, along with everyone else, and I found myself going through alot of 'testing'. As we are preparing for the Soul Enlightenment Retreat in Quebec, I was not surprised. Usually before and after a retreat people go through 'purification' and all kinds of issues come to the surface because they need to be cleared. I am no exception. With the support of others in the community I worked with what I was gratitude....and I now feel ready to take the next step...which I know the Retreat will offer.

This soul journey is quite an adventure. Everything that happens in your life is part of it and we need to understand that. Be it mental, emotional, is all happening for a reason. Heal the soul first and the rest will follow. This is so true, and that simple statement carries a tremendous amount of wisdom I am so, so grateful to be a part of this Mission.

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