Monday, June 14, 2010

Business and Life/June 14th 2010

I have been musing about the parallels of business and life. They are both a journey...that is for sure. Business seems to be always changing but the basics stay the same. You need a vision and a strategy and a business plan......Fill in the rest. In life...a vision really, really helps. A vision that give a perspective that includes the soul journey is bound to be more fulfilling than one that focuses strictly on the human condition. Then your strategy and plan ...have real meaning. Otherwise they appear to be nothing but self-serving. A true vision of life is that the human life serves the soul life. It is the soul's journey and being human is the vehicle to help advance further. Your strategy....which should include your primary goal of offering service to humanity....will prove successful when your plan involves a daily commitment to reminding yourself of who you truly are....a soul incarnate. I think that aligning your business with your soul journey will be the way to achieve success in both.

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