Friday, August 28, 2009


The last few months have been very exciting. First I had the opportunity to travel with Master Sha to the Omega Centre in New York state. Beautiful place, I have always wanted to go there. The location, in the Hudson Valley amongst the rolling hills and the river is superb. Many people received truly miraculous healings and their lives are transformed. Master Sha did a powerful evening for everyone on site who wanted to meet him and the room was filled to capacity. I felt so honored to be there and to assist in any way I could. He was definitely the focus of alot of attention in a place where many well known teachers and healers were doing their own workshops. Since then I have been doing follow-up with those who attended the workshop and many are continuing to study and their healing is progressing well.

The cherry on the cake for the whole summer, and more, is that I have become a Worldwide Representative. I am honored, the prospect of totally devoting my life to the Mission. This occurred just a few weeks ago, August 15th, here in Toronto. There was a very successful Healing Week, where so many people's lives were changed because of the gifts that Master Sha shared with them, and it concluded with a special Divine Soul Song event for the public. At this gathering Master Sha designated me as a Divine Channel and gave me the power to clear karma and blockages for a condition, sickness, organ or system and to download soul, mind and body transplants. It was incredibly powerful...I was speechless. I did one clearing and download there and since then have done one more. What a precious gift! I could see the person change before my eyes.

This is definitely a dream come true. There is nothing to compare to the honor of being able to serve in such a great capacity. My heart is full.

The last nine months have marked an incredible transition in my life. I left behind a career, I lost my dear father and just this week, a dear friend, my cat Tabby....I have gone through the gamit of emotions from fear, anxiety, depression to joy, peace and harmony and sometimes back and forth. I know it is all part of my purification to ready me for greater service. What lies ahead is vast...filled with opportunities.

My first task is to find a location and plan a Healing Center here in Toronto. I know that all of my experience in the business world will be so helpful in this endeavour and I am not leaving it totally behind me. I am going to work with some other consultants to look at ways to bring new perspectives....including the power of the soul..... into that community. I wil share all of that as it evolves.

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